About dr. patty (she/her)

Education and Licensure

Bachelor of Arts, Plan II Honors Program – University of Texas

Masters of Science, Social Work – University of Texas 

Doctorate, Adult Learning and Human Resource Development – University of Texas


I have been a practicing psychotherapist for over 30 years, working with individuals, families and groups. I also have specialties in healing trauma with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Response). I have worked with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages. 

Besides seeing clients in private practice, I have worked with Austin-based non-profit organizations and small corporations. I have facilitated small and large groups, conducted seminars and provided expert guidance. My experience, while broad in scope, has focused on enabling personal, professional and civic development.  

Why I Do What I Do

I love learning and serving others. I also believe that we cannot solely rely on ourselves; we need inter-connectedness with one another, with our community and with nature. It is with this mindset that I find fulfillment and joy in helping others discover their true selves!

I strive to teach my clients skills that enable healing and awareness. I find joy in helping them through their journey of learning, moving from a place of feeling stuck to building skills and being empowered to live with clear intention. 

What I Love Most About Being in Nature

When I’m in nature and experiencing the pulse of our planet, I feel alive and present. I am most joyful when I’m in the company of the trees and hearing the sounds of life. I feel the inter-connection with living beings and it reminds me that there is something bigger than myself. It humbles me, makes me curious and enables me to be authentic in who I am. I believe that nature is healing; now, I want to use my love of nature to serve others and protect our future with constructive action.

Community Service

I have spent my life in nature and finding ways to help my community thrive. I am a founder of the Wilderness Forum, a nature-based leadership program and co-founder of Climate Buddies, an Austin-based non-profit working locally to stop climate change. I helped to start Education in Austin to embrace the idea that parents, teachers and community partners work together improve neighborhood schools. 

I was selected as a National Kellogg Leadership Fellow, a international network of leaders, activists and scholars coming together to solve global problems.