Relationship Counseling

Your relationships are an essential part of your foundation for living a full and joyful life. Like breathing, these connections offer you ways to feel love, support and friendship. Yet, all relationships face challenges and encounter conflict or stress. Low points are bound to happen. It’s common for challenges and conflicts to place an unhealthy strain on your relationship.

I can offer support for you. During our joint sessions, we will work together to understand your individual and shared needs then work toward maintaining or re-building a loving partnership. We will compassionately explore ways to improve how you connect and communicate with one another.

Whether your relationship is in crisis or you have a few things to work through, I can help.
Together, we can:

  • Explore and practice productive communication strategies.
  • Provide effective techniques to actively listen, with compassion and curiosity.
  • Understand possible trigger points for future conflicts and how to mitigate them in a loving manner.
  • Improve skills to increase awareness of one another’s needs.
  • Create skills to improve awareness of emotional needs and greater intimacy.